Business consulting as a means of achieving the company goals

Compliance with legal obligations in business consulting. Your customers are faced with increasingly stringent social protection laws. More than ever, they need a true professional to create and manage their contracts. The value of your role is to provide them with appropriate advice and solutions in accordance with their needs and their new limitations, all at a controlled cost. For an accountant, knowing, understanding, and monitoring compliance can be more difficult. That is why a reliable partner is of the utmost importance! Consulting, a major player in the field of business protection, is committed to helping companies.

Your task. To comply with the new rules of collective and binding contracts, more and more of your customers are asking you to support them. The distribution of additional medical care to all employees from January 1, 2016 reinforces this trend. As soon as you draw up the company salary certificates, you should, as part of your counseling obligation:> ensure that the client complies with tax and social rules,> be able to verify the application of various obligations, including ordinary ones.

Our answer> informs you about legislative changes, their impact and gives you all the necessary recommendations for their implementation. > Our sales consultants, specializing in supplementary social protection, are regularly trained to answer your questions and those of your customers. In practice > organizes seminars throughout the country dedicated to certified accountants on regulatory changes in social protection. Our goal is to help you get advice and find solutions that meet the needs of your customers in accordance with applicable law.

Your mission. You help the company make social contribution declarations directly or as a third party declaration. Your goal:> to protect the company from litigation risks,> to ensure the proper application of the rules for calculating contributions,> to ensure compliance with the deadlines for filing declarations and installment payments and balances.

Outsourcing consulting services. Outsourcing often involves a career change. In addition to historical experts, the most famous of which, undoubtedly, is a British company, companies that decide to position themselves in the outsourcing market make the most of the time to evaluate their proposals. historical. For companies such as outsourcing, it seems to be a way to maintain a position or gain new integration projects. Energy players, for their part, are developing “global service” proposals to secure outlets for their “basic services” and encompass the entire value chain.

The Center for Economic Action includes a business advisory unit whose role is to inform you and advise you on customs clearance procedures and customs procedures that are best suited to the structure of your international trading operations.

The advisory department allows you, especially if you are an SME, to optimize your procedures and thus increase your competitiveness, save time and significantly reduce your financial costs. Indeed, after personal interviews conducted by analyzing your situation and taking into account documents related to your business, the business consulting department will be able to offer you the most suitable solutions or procedures. These procedures are then completed by the main customs procedure management team, thanks to the experience of the agents performing this function (individual referents).

The role of management consulting has undergone profound changes over the past twenty years, depending on the changing needs of the business. Until the eighties, although this is a rather simplified generalization, it can be said that Italian companies did not have within themselves adequate tools to determine a coherent corporate strategy.

The entrepreneurial spirit had to be supported and structured with appropriate business management skills, and therefore consultants were asked to provide these skills and develop a coherent strategic plan. In recent years, due to the different dynamics of the markets, the greater ease of disseminating know-how and the greater transparency of competitors, companies have acquired high skills for developing a strategy, and they are increasingly being asked for management business consulting – support in implementing a strategy already developed within the company.